"We are all butterflies.

Earth is our chrysalis."

- LeeAnn Taylor


Bellagraph Nova Group is a leading player on the world stage. The economic and ethical model of the BN Group guarantees a significant impact on global economic and social development.




$12 bn






The strength of our group lies in our individual ability to influence the international community. 

We are creators of new opportunities. We influence the world and we push it towards new and positive horizons.

Our emblem is the butterfly, the symbol par excellence of endurance and perennial metamorphosis.

We run into the future and we do it faster than anyone else.

Ms. Evangeline Shen. Co-Founder of BN Group



Solidity and durability are the core belief ​​of our economic development model. Our strength lies in the entrepreneurial spirit that animates all group members at all levels.


We are a brave team of leaders and we constantly project ourselves into the future by treasuring our heritage and transforming it in new experiences. We actively promote research, diversity and innovation.


Speed, endurance and transformation are the distinguishing features of our Group’s success and the unconditional values ​​that we expect to run into the future.

Mr. Nereides Antonio Giamundo de Bourbon
Chief Marketing and Investor Relations Officer at BN Group


BN is the only group in the world to boast an international presence in all major commercial sectors: healthcare and medical specialty, financial services and investment, luxury and real estate, discretionary consumers, products & services, lifestyle, entertainment, technology and media. 

The Group currently employs 23,000 people across the world and reported sales of 12 billion Usd in 2019. Sustainability, diversity and ethics constitute the cornerstone of BN Group’s model and compliance policy for its executive, employees and stakeholders.


The BN Group is committed to the respect of rules and guidelines in accordance with the Modus Operandi that regulates the group's internal and external relations as well as the activities connected to it.

Ms. Evangeline Shen

Chairman & Co-Founder

Mr. Nelson Loh






In our work, we all share values and put into practice behaviors that make us unique.  The BN Group has enclosed all this as Being BN, defining the DNA that all its Entities share.


A leader in six different main sectors, our Group counts more than 23,000 employees and 31 prestigious Entities operating in all countries around the world. At the same time, the context in which we work is constantly changing, exposing us to continuous challenges. In this scenario, strengthening our leadership in the industry is vital to our future success.


That’s why Being BN has been launched: a common framework from which taking inspiration when we work, make decisions and interact internally with our stakeholders and clients.


The core belief of Being BN is:

Empowering People, because they are the fuel of the Group's success.

It also consists of three fundamental values to be inspired by: Innovation & Transformation, Excellence and Entrepreneurial Spirit.

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